Let’s Talk Tabata

Okay so I went on vacation last week to OBX and prior to leaving I started doing these hip hop tabata workouts and found myself loving them. So I have done some research on tabata and would love to share for those of you that have never heard of it and/or never tried.  I am …

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The Plus side of Crying

Last Friday during my Friday Nights Writes workshop – the prompt was about tears. Tears are your body’s way of trying to help your body balance out it’s internal world.  Scientists have studied tears and different types of tears (happy, sad, angry) and found that they all have different chemical compositions and are your body’s …

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Fireworks Breath

Okay, so this post is a little late but it’s never too late to celebrate independence and freedom with a new breath move!  Kira and I learned this from a video search as we were preparing for the Fourth of July and I was preparing for teaching the weekend rotation at Easton Yoga outside.  This …

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Moodstruck Mascara

Can your mood be struck by mascara? Okay so I took a wee bit of a break from writing.  The creative juices were just not-a-flowing.  And if I have learned anything on my path to living well – it is that breaks are necessary, healing, needed, warranted, and just part of a full life.  As …

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If only…….

So….today I have a call with my blogging trainer and I know that in order to get my blog moving a long – I need more content.  He is often reminding me of this. Yet, I also know it is NOT something I can force.  “If only” I could hit a button and have this …

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