About Me

Hi, I’m Becky. 

I’m a yoga teacher, a mom, a baker, and now a blog maker! I love everything involving wellness and mindful living.  Growing up, I struggled with a LOT of anxiety and didn’t take the best care of myself in terms of body image or eating well.  At the age of 30, I had a wake up call.  I was diagnosed with colon cancer.  After surgery and before starting chemo – I started going to yoga classes and reading everything I could about holistic medicine, the body’s immune system, nutrition, stress reduction, yoga, anatomy, you name it I wanted to know more.  And as I transformed the way I breathed, the way I connected to my body, the way I connected to food, and in my relationships – I felt a shift.  Two years later I was cancer free.   I got pregnant after a trip to Grand Cayman and a dolphin ride that was magical as well as some time spent with my hubs.  I had an amazing pregnancy and was elated to be happy, alive, and a mommy.  My dreams had come true.

I went back to work full time when Kira was 3 months and something didn’t feel right.  I wanted to somehow help people know what it was like to take good care of oneself and one’s body and I also wanted more time with my baby.  But I didn’t know quite how to make the transition into mom-hood and juggle all these different things, so my self care started to drop.  And again, I could feel the shift.  My husband took a job in Switzerland so I quit everything I knew to move to the land of cheese and chocolate and have more time with my daughter.  After about 6 months of viewing the most majestic sights I have ever laid eyes on, I decided I had to do something else with myself.  My brain was slowly disintegrating and mothering just came natural so it wasn’t something I had to learn.  I set up a site to teach yoga (I had completed my 200 HR Yoga Teacher Certification before I left and an online Health Coach Nutrition Program from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition) and got my first group class and private client going and it grew from there!  We decided after about 4 years to come back to the US and am continuing my teaching journey here in Easton, PA and online.  (You can check out my yoga teaching site at Bzugyoga.com)

Writing has always been a good source of release and a way for me to communicate freely in a very busy ever-changing world.  This blog is intended to shower you with posts about all things I love and all things surrounding wellness – mindful movement, yoga tips and types, recipes that fuel your body, the psychology behind one’s relationship to food, comfy yet durable yoga clothes,  and so much more!  

Please join me for the next part of my journey!!

Namaste and Many Blessings,




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